Family law matters require delicate, yet dedicated, legal care and attention. But just how can a family law firm help you? Here are just a few of the ways the Law Offices of Jane M. Randall can be of assistance.

  • Prenuptial agreements – These contracts help couples sort out finances, asset separation, and other legal matters. It’s best to let a family lawyer handle, conduct, and review these contracts. Rather than looking at a prenup as a prediction of a marriage’s end, consider this document as a way to make sure all parties are in agreement about a variety of matters. Communicating about these issues up front will likely save you much frustration in the years to come.
  • Representation in the courts – Some family law disputes are minor enough to be handled outside of court. Others, however, may not be so simple. When the severity of the disagreement means you have to go in front of a judge, turn to a family law firm. Family law attorneys can represent you in court should you need to present your case as it concerns the conflict in question.
  • Divorce proceedings – Many people associate family lawyers with divorce cases. It’s true that many family lawyers spend a good bit of their time on divorce cases. Some attorneys also act as a mediator. This is a service offered by Jane Randall. Using it could help create a more peaceful environment during divorce discussions.
  • Child custody agreements – Divorce can be especially hard on the younger members of a family. Thankfully, a family lawyer can help you arrange child custody agreements and visitation schedules. While these plans don’t take away the emotions that go along with a divorce, they will usually make the process much easier for everyone concerned.

Reach out to a law firm that will put your family’s legal matters as a top priority. Contact the Law Offices of Jane M. Randall today. See how our family law mediator, Jane Randall, can assist you with all these and other matters.