Now that Christmas has passed, it’s time to think about how the experience went for you and your family. For some people, getting into the spirit of the season was difficult due to divorce. A family lawyer like Jane M. Randall knows that while divorce can be the best decision for a couple, there are many difficult and emotional changes that must be dealt with. If the winter holidays weren’t as happy as you wanted them to be, keep these things in mind. Legal changes may need to be made to help you handle the holidays differently next year.

  1. Put the past behind you – As hard it can be, you must leave the past in the past. Don’t torture yourself with guilty thoughts. Take this time to start anew and give yourself some grace this holiday season. Recognize this as a time of new beginnings.
  2. Discuss the visitation arrangement – For ex-spouses with children, please remember to be civil when discussing child visitation schedules. The holidays are so important for your child and custody battles can ruin this time for them. If you were unhappy with how your situation worked out, call a family lawyer to discuss changes or adjustments to your agreement.
  3. Don’t spend this time alone – Spend time with your family and friends this holiday season. Winter can be a lonely time for us all, causing many people to feel blue. Use this time to visit with your loved ones this year even if your kids can’t make it.
  4. Remember the things that bring you holiday joy – What makes you happy this time of year? Do you love to look at Christmas lights? What about watching holiday classics? Make sure to do things that get you into the holiday spirit.

If you need to meet with a family lawyer to discuss visitation arrangements or other family law matters, call The Law Offices of Jane M. Randall.