Some family issues can’t be resolved on their own. Assistance from an outside source is needed to provide an objective opinion on which actions should be taken. In many cases, couples can become frustrated when trying to work out the terms of their separation, divorce, or child custody agreements. In this case, family mediation with an attorney may be the answer. The family lawyers at the Law Offices of Jane M. Randall want to help you understand what family mediation is and how it may help you get the best outcome for the people you love.

What Is Family Mediation?

For starters, family law mediation is not to be confused with family therapy. During a mediation session, a nonpartisan lawyer will work with both clients to find a legal compromise to the matter at hand. The mediation process may be divided into several conferences. During these sessions, the mediator may meet with the parties together or on an individual basis. All that is said or discussed will be confidential and clients’ rights aren’t tabled. If there isn’t a resolution following mediation, both parties will meet in court for a judge to determine the next step.

Common Mediation Matters

Family law mediators are often used to negotiate the terms of a prenuptial agreement, divorce, legal separation, division of assets, child custody, or alimony. Family mediators can also help with other areas of family law, such as grandparent visitation rights.

Mediation & Cooperation

While most mediation conferences will be solely for the mediator and the clients, other people may be present. Both parties may allow accountants, other attorneys, or therapists into the sessions.

If you’re pursuing family mediation on your own or if it’s required by the family court, we are here to help. Attorney Jane M. Randall is an Advanced Family Court Mediator serving families in York County, SC. Contact our offices to set up a consultation with a family law mediator today.