A family lawyer is able to handle many types of cases involving domestic relationships, including divorces, child custody rights, and more. Considering this fact, it’s very important that you trust your family’s legal matters to a lawyer who’s well-versed in the understanding of these sensitive and complex issues. However, finding the right family law attorney can be difficult for some people, especially when there are so many firms to choose from. Today, the Law Offices of Jane M. Randall would like to help you narrow down your search. Check out these three helpful tips on how to choose a family lawyer for your case.

Step 1: Research & Interview

First and foremost, you’ll want to do some research on family law attorneys in your area. Checking out their services should give you a good idea of the types of cases they take on. You’ll want to work with a firm where family law services make up a large percentage of the caseload. Once you know of a few potential attorneys, schedule a time to talk with each one. You’ll want to meet with the lawyer in person before deciding to hire them. This way you can be fully comfortable knowing you’re working with the right person.

Step 2: Ask Questions & Take Notes

When meeting with each lawyer, be sure to bring a list of questions with you. How many years have they practiced family law? What percentage of their caseload involves family law? What types of results do they get for their clients in cases that are similar to yours?

Step 3: Consider Word-of-Mouth Referrals & Other Reviews

Finally, be sure to listen to the recommendations and reviews of other people. Word-of-mouth referrals allow you to get a good perspective of how a firm treats its clients – and how they will treat you.

If you need to meet with a family lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Jane M. Randall for help. We’re here to listen and fight for what’s best for you and your family.