The new year is a time to reflect on what’s happened over the last 12 months, both the good and bad. Looking forward to the future isn’t just for individuals. It’s also a way to create hopes and dreams for your family. If your relationships aren’t where you’d like them to be – and legal issues are coming into play – it may be time to call a family law firm in Rock Hill. Here are several family law resolutions from the Law Offices of Jane M. Randall.

Unhealthy relationship? Visit a family law mediator

No marriage or relationship is without its ups and downs. Arguments and occasional frustrations are normal. However, you may reach a point where the arguing, anger, and resentment reach a point that’s unhealthy for everyone in your home. Filing for divorce is one option, but you may want to reach out to a family law mediator first. This process allows you to discuss your differences and explain your respective points of view in the presence of a mediator. (Of course, the circumstances are different if you or anyone in your home feels unsafe. If that is the case, call law enforcement or a family lawyer.)

Be conscious of your words

Parents need to be aware of the words they choose to use around their children. Even parents of older children need to be on alert when discussing difficult family matters. Kids take what you say to heart, often repeating the information to others. Try to keep arguments between you and your spouse private. Also, be aware of how you speak to your partner. If you feel that one partner is being overly negative towards the other, take time to get counseling. Try your absolute best not to break promises to the ones you love.

Nurture your relationship without sacrificing your values & needs

A healthy relationship is a balance. Loving your partner should not come at the cost of losing yourself. Share your needs with your partner in a kind, calm manner. See if you can find some middle ground between your wants and theirs.

If you want to improve the dynamics within your family, speaking to a family lawyer or mediator may help. Contact a family law firm by calling The Law Offices of Jane M. Randall in Rock Hill, SC.